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The Prüvit Lab: UPGRADED

The Prüvit Community is in the ever-constant pursuit of better and continues to grow by the second! As a result, we are moving into our newly finished lab! The Ketone Conversation created by the Prüvit Community has created a demand like none-other, and we are ready to meet that demand with this new, technologically advanced facility.


You want more Keto//OS®? You got it! A bigger and BETTER lab is here to EXCEED demand and expectations! Our Lab Ninjas will be using state of the art technology to produce 30% MORE Pure Therapeutic Ketones® than our previous lab!


PLUS, we will be able to MAXIMIZE purity testing times and ensure the QUALITY products you’ve come to know and love. We are constantly growing and upgrading to be able to deliver KETO//OS®, KETO//KREME®, MCT//143™, BETTER//BROTH™, and KETO//KALM™ FASTER, and this new Lab enables us to do just that!


In addition to MORE Pure Therapeutic Ketones® produced daily and more efficient purity testing, we’ve got even MORE room in our new test labs for new products and flavors to keep your Total Human Optimization at peak performance. Be on the lookout as new technologies and flavors to hit the market very soon!


P.S. You can see where all of the MAGIC happens when you TOUR the new lab this September before our next KetoKademy® + MORE! Click here to purchase your tickets to KetoKademy® + MORE where you will learn from the top doctors, scientists, and thought leaders in the Ketone Conversation!!


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