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Innergize Day

Observed the day after the autumn equinox, Innergize Day is not what you think it is… it’s a day devoted to relaxing! Yes, a bonafide reason to kick your feet up and not do a thing for a day. Although we all relax differently, we’ve got some sure fire ways to make sure your Innergize Day is nothing shy of amazing.




Our special formula was crafted to positively affect mood, support your response to daily stress, and most importantly–– help you KALM down and relax. You can drink KETO//KALM™️ any time of day as it is the key to a blissful daytime calm and an easier transition into a deep and restful sleep.



Soak + Float

Sure, you might think baths are for small children who are not yet keen on showers, but baths are AMAZING and offer many benefits! Baths promote better sleep, improved mood, and support muscle recovery. Take your bath up another notch with our sea salt bath scrub and scrub away the stresses of the day.



Steal a cat-nap, you’re brain will thank you!

Our brain is the busiest organ, consuming as much as 25% of our overall energy. When anything works to convert fuel into energy, waste is produced and the brain is no exception. Our brain needs sleep & relaxation time to clean house and get rid of waste accumulated over time! #ketophagy.


Not only is Innergize Day our new favorite National Day, it’s given us another reason to slow down and relax more often! What are your BEST practices for relaxing? Share a picture on Instagram of you celebrating Innergize Day and tag us @justpruvit so we can see!


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