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Blueberry Celebration Fat Bombs

These are exactly what gloomy winter days call for; bright and delicious. Fat Bombs to the rescue with this recipe!


Blueberry Celebration Fat Bombs


8 oz. Cream Cheese
1 cup fresh blueberries
1 packet KETO//OS® NAT™ Celebration



1. Place all the ingredients in the blender and pulse until smooth and creamy.
2. Place in the fridge or freezer until the mixture is firm enough to roll into balls.
3. Roll the mixture into 15 balls and store in freezer.


What are you favorite fat bomb recipes?! Email us your recipe to and we’ll feature it on our blog!




  1. Liz Sneddon says:

    We will be making these Friday night at our KLP.
    Will do a batch with the Celebration (we actually have a few packages left, and some Poppin’ Pear), and a second batch with the Swiss Cacao.

    Looking forward to trying them out!!

  2. Timothy Sheerer says:

    What do you suggest I use Instead celebration?! I only had one packet of that and BOY WAS CELEBRATION YUMMY!!

    • Prüvit HQ says:

      Our KETO//OS® NAT™ Poppin’ Pear Apple would be a delicious replacement!

  3. Sherry Tidwell says:


  4. Dottie says:

    In comments you say you’ve “added the macros above” – but I dont see them anywhere…?

    • Prüvit HQ says:

      ???? They’ve disappeared! We’ve re-added them!

      Recipe yields 15 servings. Per serving 2g Net Carbs, 5.2g Fat, 1g Protein

  5. Terra says:

    Can we use any other flavour like the cocoa swirl

    • Prüvit HQ says:

      You sure can!

  6. Charlene says:

    I do not see the Keto//OS Nat Celebration listed with your other products. Where do I find it for sale and what is the price.
    Thank you

    • Prüvit HQ says: has all of our currents KETO//OS®. KETO//OS® NAT™ Celebration is not currently available for sale, but stay tuned in to our Prüvit Pulse App for its next release!

  7. Lisa says:

    What are the nutrition facts? Net carbs, fat..etc?

    • Prüvit HQ says:

      We have added the macros above! 🙂

  8. Marge Grant says:

    I’ll try it

  9. Lori Morgan says:

    Any non-dairy suggestions or recommendations? Every recipe looks yummy but can’t do dairy ????

    • Prüvit HQ says:

      Vegan cream cheese c be a good substitute for non-dairy cream cheese!

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